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Thanks for subscribing to the blog, via email. I appreciate it. Simply fill in the info below, and you will receive an email every time the blog is published.

I intend to publish about three times a week, and will include some video and audio (podcast) blog posts. Some content may not be visible (or, audible) from your email program, and you may need to click on the blog post title to go to the Words Matter website to see/hear some of the content.

This is a separate list from the "email newsletter list". This email list will only feature the content published on the "Stories I Read, Stories I Tell" blog. Your information will not be shared, sold, or otherwise compromised.

**You will be sent an email in which a link is supplied for you to verify it got to the right person. If you don't get this email, check your spam folder.**

As a thank you, all email list subscribers will be given link to download a digital copy of my collection of short stories, Five Stories. I hope you enjoy. The link to download the book will be included in your welcome/confirmation email.

Thanks again!
Happy writing!

Eric Sheridan Wyatt
Palmetto, Florida

PS. Even though you will receive these blog posts via email, I hope you will, from time to time, come back to the blog itself and participate in the comments and discussion there. Also, please consider helping out by sharing posts that you find specifically helpful or interesting. Sharing via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) will really help my blog reach a wider audience. Word of mouth and sharing of content is very important in growing and maintaining a blog. Any help you can offer in that area will be greatly appreciated.
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